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Call Us Today
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Ratings & Testimonials


“I’m impressed with the service, quality and professionalism.”

“Consistent, reliable service year after year!”

Highly qualified people and an honest organization.”

“SAS is a great facility, honest, concerned, friendly, anxious to do a good job.”

“Never overpriced.”

“Prompt. Always courteous and concerned.”

“Good service and excellent customer-service skills.”

“The guys at Swedish Auto are the best.”

Woa! Hold a minute! Are those faceless people who are being quoted concerning Swedish Auto Specialists talking about a real, live firm here in San Marcos?

If all these things are so, haven’t some of us already died and gone to heaven?

The remarks are real-not by people paid to make them, but by people who directed the remarks to the American Auto Club of Southern California, an affiliate of the American Automobile Association.

No, heaven can wait, according to those who wrote in to the AAA about SAS, a firm which calls 1568 Osage St. in San Marcos home. The letter writers say that they have all they could ask for in an auto repair and service business right here in town. 

An AAA report from the club’s Escondido regional offices said not only were remarks such as these received but, for SAS , it had the highest percentage of response for any facility surveyed.

The report said that “In ongoing surveys, the club’s Approved Auto Division rated SAS at 100 percent in all categories; Courtesy and professionalism, satisfaction with work performed , adherence to cost estimates, progress reports on repairs, and shop cleanliness.”

In other words, SAS is at 100 percent in categories that many who have had to face  the ordeal of having a car fixed complain the most about, grumbling most when picking up the telephone hearing “Ma’am, I’m afraid we’ve got some real bad news about your car. You’ll need a new engine. Maybe we can have it ready for you sometime next week.”

None of that here at SAS.

SAS scored 100 percent this time in the ratings. But previous scores in other years had indicated the firm was pointing itself toward the ultimate in the services it offers.

SAS was founded in 1981 and its scores consistently have been in the high nineties. The firm offers complete services and repairs on Volvos and Saabs, including the latest models.

The exclusiveness of work on those cars should cause envy among owners of something other than the Volvo and the Saab. While it might be heavenly, so to speak, for the owners of those Nordic cars having SAS around, it serves as a reminder to those who haven’t bought Nordic recently that Heaven still hasn’t touched elsewhere in such a down - to - Earth way it has on Osage Street. 


"Treated me like family. I'll recommend SWEDISH AUTO SPECIALISTS to friends."

"... have brought my Volvo in for the past eight years."

" Two words for SWEDISH AUTO SPECIALISTS: honesty and safety. The best."

"...highly recommend Swedish Auto Specialists for technical competence and integrity."

"SWEDISH AUTO SPECIALISTS employees are excellent, extremely polite and knowledgeable. Not over priced."

"People You Can Trust" is what their customers say most about them.

"Competitive prices and superior service are their watchwords."

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